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Wrangling Happiness Out of Life

Irish Sheep 1We have a wonderful corner of the world where our family has begun to gather our memories and started writing down our history.

We love to travel and gain new worldly experiences. We love remembering those experiences in life through food and photos!

We are a large family with lots of personalities!

First, there is Jeremy Butterfield the man of the house. Jeremy is a wonderful husband and father with a passion for geology and travel.


Holli Butterfield is the glue that holds things together. Holli cooks, food styles, and takes photos.


Bella is our oldest daughter. Bella is the super talented artist with a real eye for bright colors.


Cloie is our first middle daughter. Cloie has a real sense of fashion and socializing.


Eveleen is our second middle daughter. Eveleen loves anything to do with technology!


Our Baby is Bonnie and she is full of energy and always eager to help any member of the family.


Welcome to our humble blog, we hope you like what you see and are inspired to laugh longer and live better!

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