Irish Food to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day All Year Long

St. Patrick’s Day is rolling around once again! This family loves to celebrate being Irish all year round but no day is better than March 17th!   Looking for a way to supplement the green beer and corned beef and cabbage you usually get on St. Paddy’s with a little more adventurous nibble? We found…

Strawberry Swiss Roll

Just so you know when judging our Strawberry Swiss Roll, I am not a baker in any basic sense of the word. I had never baked a cake before a few months ago and the oven has been pretty much sequestered to pizza duty as long as I have been in charge of the kitchen….

Beef Pot Pie

So this Beef Pot Pie recipe is a tweak I was trying based my chicken corn chowder recipe believe it or not. I have been cooking my own variant of chicken corn chowder for my family for years now and with me trying my hand at baking I figured I could modify it to create…

A Berry Good Cake

A Berry Good Cake started just like any other cake in our house, by pure accident. We all had decided that we wanted a delicious dessert for after dinner one night. Brainstorming is alway hard with so many strong personalities, one of them is always sure to be upset with the decision or decision making process.