Switzerland and Lake Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland is a gorgeous city, Jeremy got the chance to visit as a university student a few years ago. Even though he didn’t stay in a fancy four star hotel, he will never forget the amazing experience and the views of this gorgeous city and its lake!

Staying at a youth hostel, Jeremy just barely scraped the age requirements by the way, they not only had relatively secure and comfortable rooms but also an in house cafeteria and lounge! This is a pretty good deal if you are planning on being able to travel to the countryside while you stay in Zurich.

Their guide took them to some truly amazing locations while they were there including the Technical Institute of Zurich up the hill and the Via Mala, a Medieval trading route through the Swiss mountains to Italy beyond. The absolute highlight of this trip was the valley in the Via Mala and the visible remains in the cliff face of this precarious route!

Anytime you are in Zurich, there is bound to be loads of nightlife around to keep you busy but you would definitely be missing out if you never ventured outside the city limits! The countryside is filled with interesting and beautiful things to do and sights to see that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world!

The mountains and the rivers never fail to impress and you will find yourself wanting to venture along some of the many established trails.

These gorgeous view of the Hinterrhein river are one particularly stunning example of the beauty you can find if you dare to venture just a little off the beaten track in the forests of Switzerland! But remember, be sure of your steps and light on your feet, the Swiss are not know for a fear of heights!

If you get the chance to visit Zurich, I recommend exploring as much as you can on foot and when you have to, jump on a river taxi! These cool little boats are something you don’t see everywhere in the world and they are a fun and interesting way to get across the lake.

Don’t forget to stop and see the swans that congregate on the banks of the lake and make a fuss communicating with one another. We were even able to catch a short performance of one of the traditional mountain horns being played while we waited for our boat to take us back to the hostel, it was truly amazing!

The gorgeous country of Switzerland it’s largest city are definitely worth adding to your bucket list and can be done on a budget you might not expect.


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