5 of The Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

These are some of the best places in the world to celebrate St. Patrick’s day! The 17th of March is the one day of the year that everyone in the world is a little Irish. These are some of the really amazing parties that happen when people get together to share a pint and a song!

Philadelphia, PA

Irish pub


Fado Irish Pub- 4-star trip advisor rating. This comfortable and warm chain of Irish owned establishments has locations all over the world. If you want an authentic environment with a friendly atmosphere, this is the place to get your drinks! Fado Irish Pub Location and information.

Philadelphia has a high percentage of Irish Americans and because of this, their St. Patrick’s day celebrations can get pretty amazing!  

Dublin, Ireland

 Temple Bar Dublin

Temple Bar Dublin- 4-star trip advisor rating. This historic bar and pub are well known across the world and as such is sure to be packed at almost any time during serving hours. Temple Bar Dublin location and information.

This historic pub is sure to be packed and the party spilling out into the street on St. Patrick’s day so be prepared to bump shoulders with every party-goer in the city but the music and craic (or “crack” is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland) are sure to be just as prevalent!

Boston, MA

 Doyle’s Cafe

Doyle’s Cafe- 4 ½-star historical pubs. Still full of quinte Irish charm and comfort food. Come in, enjoy a beer and visit with the locals. Open from 9-12:30am. Doyle’s Cafe location and information.

Boston’s large Irish American population is sure to be visible out and about today! Grab your walking shoes and head out to experience one of America’s oldest St. Patrick’s day celebration!

London, England

 The Auld Shillelagh

The Auld Shillelagh- 4 ½-stars pub/bar. Touted as the “Most authentic Irish pub in the world outside of Ireland” by The Irish Times, this warm and friendly pub is the perfect place to eat and grab a pint this St. Paddy’s day!  The Auld Shillelagh location and information. 

There is obviously a pretty large percentage of Irish here in London so you are sure to be surrounded by music and craic on St Patrick’s day!

Chicago, IL

 Emmit’s Irish Pub

Emmit’s Irish Pub- 4-star trip advisor rating. This Irish pub is filled with Chicago’s history and friendly atmosphere, this local institution is the perfect place to get your rounds in this year! Emmit’s Irish Pub location and information.

Did you know that every year Chicago dyes their river green? The process only lasts five hours but it is spectacular! The dyeing of the river can be seen in three locations, East side of the Michigan Avenue Bridge, West side of the Columbus Drive Bridge and along the banks of the Chicago Riverwalk between Michigan Avenue and Columbus Drive.

There is also a massive parade that day to add to the fun, with over 400,000 Irish loving folks show up dressed in green on colorful floats and trailing bagpipes. Rain or shine the parade goes on!

Check out this year’s schedule of events and plan your trip here: Chicago Events Website

Or, see the 2016 year’s river dying here.

Thank you for taking the time to read our thoughts and experiences. We hope you return soon and often



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