Beef Pot Pie

So this Beef Pot Pie recipe is a tweak I was trying based my chicken corn chowder recipe believe it or not. I have been cooking my own variant of chicken corn chowder for my family for years now and with me trying my hand at baking I figured I could modify it to create some chicken pot pies. I ended up getting it done and they were super tasty, I even made little muffin-sized ones with the extras! They were delicious but in no way presentable, so once again I decided to give it another go. Once I made a few tweaks, these Beef Pot Pies were born!


These were a lot prettier than their chicken-flavored cousins but the egg wash ended up going on unevenly so we ended up with different colors on top. You can choose your own favorite veggies to add to the mix but we went with our favorites: Yellow Corn, Mushrooms, Green Beans and Red Onions. Since I know I can do away better job at these with a little more practice, I think I will have to tweak the recipe again for dinner this week before I go adding a recipe for anyone to follow! 

Check back in and keep an eye out for the sister post to this Beef Pot Pie with a detailed recipe and a much prettier version that I know you will be able to copy at home!


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