A Berry Good Cake



A Berry Good Cake started just like any other cake in our house, by pure accident. We all had decided that we wanted a delicious dessert for after dinner one night. Brainstorming is alway hard with so many strong personalities, one of them is always sure to be upset with the decision or decision making process.

But after much debate we all happily decide on angel food cake with fresh berries on top. In our eyes the perfect dessert for a warm Spring evening, we all love berries a whole lot!

So off to the store we went. Shortly after arriving at the store we realized that there are no angel food cakes to be bought anywhere! So what brilliant idea do we get… make our own out of a box! We have never made one before but why should that stop us right?

Jeremy insisted that he make the actual cake and the kids cut the berries up as their part. Sounds like a great idea! So who knows what folding is again? No one? Ok, well how bad could it be right?

So by sheer coincidence we happened to “fold” the ingredients right and turn out a halfway decent cake in the end! Of course Jeremy was unimpressed, “I didn’t make anything from scratch” he says. Well I think it looks amazing and if Jeremy was looking for inspiration to roll up his sleeves and start making things from scratch, this was it! The next few nights we were treated to homemade lemon bars and chicken pot pie all made entirely from scratch! I didn’t know we were all into baking like this but I do now! Stay tuned for more amazing homemade creations!