Wrangling Happiness Out of Life

We have carved out a wonderful corner of the world where the Butterfield family has begun to gather our memories and started writing down our history.


We love to travel and gain new worldly experiences, collecting recipes and memories along the way. One of our favorite way of remembering those experiences in our lives is through the amazing food and the stones we have collected in each new place.

By most people’s standards, we are a large family and that comes with lots of personalities! We have four beautiful daughters who range in age from 13 to 5, so let’s just say that we have a busy household.


We are always ready to get together and feast but it doesn’t always happen that often. Still, we make a point of getting together each Easter especially to spend time with family recounting the stories that we have accumulated since we last saw each other.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful people in our family that will host an Easter gathering thankfully because the bloggers in the family are so swamped each holiday that having someone over is not an option! So the things that were easy at some point, like having a holiday, are now a just inches away from failure. These are the time where we lean on each other and we really get to see who really likes us, LOL.

So here are some of our greatest memories of this 2016 Easter weekend!


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