First blog post

Allow ourselves to introduce… ourselves. Do you like stupid old humor and amazing food coupled with globetrotting adventures? Well, I think you may have found your new home.

Holli and I have always loved life and living it to its fullest and with that type of attitude, I mean why not have four kids? You only live once right?! LOL. Our attitudes have always been better when we are doing things together and achieving a real goal in life. So this epic partnership was born and the Butterfield clan emerged! 

We have both loved to travel from the very beginning, having grown up in families who always moved around. We now get to live in the one of the most beautiful places on Earth, central Oregon. Everyone is so nice and friendly here and there are so many things to see, eat and do. It’s definitely not hard to see why it’s a tourist area and why it is growing like a weed! The winters here are full of snow and the summers are perfect for swimming, hiking, biking and picnicking. 

We love having such a laid back place to raise our very energic girls but who wouldn’t crave a little adventure? So sit back and let us tell you some stories about the crazy life we live and the amazing places we have been and are going! Welcome to the adventure! 


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